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New Updates: Pillow Collection Launching Soon

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

With everything going on recently, we have had to come together as a group and regroup, rebrand, and reinsure new guidelines. COVID-19 has changed this world forever.

Recently we've entered a new season, Scorpio season. This firm was built by one, a scorpio, and it's one of the reasons why she is so bold at everything she does.

In this new seaon, we will releasing our first ever pillow collection. Starting the first of many, The Scorpio Collectio. Highlighting all key qualities and characteristics of not only scorpio, but our luxury pillow collection too.

This pillows will be added on our website today for you to see and admire them. However, they will not be released till November 20th. Only days before the end of this very imactful and intuitive season.

We appreciate all our client’s patients and attention to the new firm standards and upcoming events for more visit our social media platform.

We love you guys thank you for the support, we look forward to working with you safely.🤍

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